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 Pickled Beets

It’s almost time to pick beets.  We still have a few quarts left from last year’s harvest, and a favorite summer side dish of ours is pickled beets.
I use home-canned beets, but the canned ones from the grocery store work just as well.
This original recipe is from the 1944 edition of The Good Housekeeping Cookbook.  [...]

 Stop and Smell the Flowers

Every morning, BBQ Bill and I grab our coffee cups and a camera, and walk up the hill to see what’s new in the garden.  This morning, there was a subtle difference in the air.  Amazing what two days of sunshine can produce.

My calamondin orange tree is full of open blossoms.

The Bearrs (or Persian) Lime [...]

 The Nickel Tour – Part 1

Yes, we are inordinately proud of our garden, considering what we started with…
Here’s the garden a few weeks ago – on the last sunny day in recent memory.  Six inches of rain in three weeks does not produce happy vegetables.

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