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 Garlic Dill Pickles

BarBBQ Bill is out of dill pickles.  This is a crisis situation.
I picked a few pickling cucumbers this morning (they are not setting well thanks to this cool, rainy weather. The bees don’t like cool, rainy weather either, so they’re not out there pollinating the flowers). After picking, I put them in a picnic cooler [...]

 Day of the Zucchini

It’s that time of year when the neighbors lock their doors and pull down the shades when they spot me approaching with an armload of zucchini.  I thought we had three or four to use, but no…we had 27 (yes, TWENTY-SEVEN!) assorted zucchini/summer squashes.
So, how to use them up? They don’t freeze well, and we [...]

 Record Low High

Found this on Wunderground today (our “local” weather radar comes from Philadelphia):
Statement as of 1:42 PM EDT on July 22, 2009
… Record low maximum temperature tied at Philadelphia PA…
The high temperature of 72 degrees at Philadelphia International Airport yesterday tied the old record for the lowest maximum for July 21. The record was first set [...]

 All Shapes and Sizes

I think one of the best things about growing tomatoes (other than eating them, of course) is the myriad of shapes, sizes and colors.  Each has its own unique quirks and personality.

Some are perfectly round.

Some are Short Round.

Long and fat.

We have hearts…


and just downright ugly.
Maybe one of these days, I can show you different colors.  [...]

 The Great Garlic Experiment

I make salsa.  A lot of salsa. Almost 12 gallons of the stuff last summer. We grew everything except the onions and garlic.  I don’t have room in the garden for onions, and they are always good quality and reasonably priced in the local grocery store.
But sometimes it’s hard to find good garlic. So we [...]