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 Putting Up-Corn

This weekend, we were gifted with a dozen ears of lovely fresh corn.  Thank you, Brenda and Bubba!  We can’t eat that many between the two of us so we decided to try freezing some.
The canning gods say to “Water blanch small ears (1-1/4 inches or less in diameter) 7 minutes, medium ears (1-1/4 to [...]

 Just Hangin’ Out

Gram always said “Hang the bottoms from the top – and the tops from the bottom.”

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 If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

We are overrun with these things.

An Asian invader, Rubus phoenicolasius (commonly known around here as wineberries) annually threatens to take over our 1 acre universe.  The problem:  They taste really good.  To birds and animals and insects and…us.
I do my part in trying to stop the spread of this noxious weed by picking them.  Wouldn’t [...]

 The Grill House

BarBBQ Bill got a new BBQ grill for Father’s Day last year (it’s also his birthday presents and his Father’s Day presents and his Christmas presents for the next 20 years).
We discovered the new BBQ grill can’t be left out naked in the rain.  Rain runs in the back and down into the grease collection [...]

 Putting Up-Beets

We picked a mess of beets yesterday.  Some were as large as a baseball.  We grow the Red Ace variety, which does very well for us and they stay very tender – even when they look like baseballs!
Time to do some canning.
First, cut off the greens.  Leave a couple of inches of stems attached.
Wash them [...]