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 Homemade Pizza

October is National Pizza Month (who thinks up these “holidays”, anyway?), so let’s celebrate!
We live in an area that doesn’t have pizza delivery (we also don’t have a car, and “running out for a pizza” takes on a whole new meaning) so we make it ourselves.  Besides being a lot cheaper than a store-bought pizza, [...]

 The Great Garlic Experiment – Year 2

It was a lovely fall day today, and it’s time to plant next year’s garlic crop.  We saved some garlic heads from this year’s crop and I’m anxious to see how well they dried and cured.
First, I have to scrape off the straw mulch and do a bit of weeding.
I like to layout the planting [...]

 Picked 537.6 Cubic Inches Of Peppers

Doesn’t quite roll off your tongue like picking a “peck” of peppers, does it? But that’s officially what a “peck” is.This year we grew Gypsy (sweet), Anaheim (mildly spicy), Salsa Delight (spicy) and TAM jalapenos (not as hot as regular jalapenos, ’cause we’re pepper wimps).
Last year, we roasted and canned a lot of our hot [...]

 Frost on the Butternuts

One of my favorite fall vegetables is butternut squash.
We start the plants from seed in the spring and let them sprawl all over a straw covered bed in the back of the garden.  These are the variety ‘Waltham’ from Johnny’s Seeds.
I think baby butternuts are so cute.
Midsummer, the squash look like this.
They are ready to [...]