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 This Is For The Birds

Homemade suet, that is.  Another “Found in the Freezer” recipe – while organizing it, I discovered a bag of venison fat from last year.
Melt the fat (you can use beef suet or lard or shortening, but mine was free) in a saucepan over low heat.  When it’s melted, stir in a roughly equal amount of [...]

 Putting Up-Cranberry Chutney

For the past few years, I’ve given homemade canned goods as gifts.  After checking the pantry (getting low), I’d better get started making some more stuff.
I discovered two bags of frozen cranberries in the freezer this morning.  Hmmm, how about a cranberry chutney?  This might be a bit more interesting than just a plain cranberry [...]

 Rosemary-Growing It and Cooking with It

My rosemary plant in the herb garden did not survive last winter (I try every year, but mine never make it), so this spring I went to buy a replacement.  We only have two local nurseries that sell plants, and no one had any rosemary.  It can be difficult to start from seed and would [...]