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 Putting Up-Pecans

We received a lovely surprise the other day.
A huge box of fresh pecans in the shell from our wonderful friends in Texas.
Trying to figure out how we could use them up before they went bad, we discovered that pecans freeze very well in the shell – up to four years!
These are ready for the freezer [...]

 Cooking-A Marmalade Surplus

After making more marmalade for the January Can Jam and finding some jars from last year in the pantry, I’ve devised some ways to use it up in other recipes.  I don’t eat much jam on toast and BarBBQ Bill doesn’t care for it at all “straight”.
Make a dipping sauce for egg rolls or a [...]

 Can Jam-January

This month’s ingredient for the Can Jam is…
Despite my fervent prayers to whoever is in charge of Fruit Ripening, my very locally grown oranges are not quite ready for picking (as you can see above).  I was really hoping citrus would be the February Flavor of the Month because, by then, my tree might [...]

 Cooking-Venison Sauerbraten

It’s cold.  I want comfort food.
In this house, comfort food doesn’t have to be pretty.  This isn’t.  But it does have to be warm, stick-to-your-ribs style delicious.  Sauerbraten fits that description.
Sauerbraten is definitely not a last-minute meal.  The meat has to marinate at least 2 or 3 days (mine went almost a week with no [...]

 Cooking-Cherry Cinnamon Bread

BarBBQ Bill requested cinnamon raisin bread.
Well, OK…but I don’t buy raisins because he says he doesn’t like them.  Now he wants them in his bread.  Go figure.
But I do have these.  Dried Balaton cherries from Cherry Republic (they claim they are the world headquarters for all things cherry, and I’m not going to argue).
Now I [...]