What We’ve Been Up To

Yes, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted anything.  We’ve been busy:

1. Starting a new business.

Seedlings2. Raising over 300 plants from seed for the garden (in our tiny little kitchen).

Batty, the Little Brown Bat3. Successfully rehabilitating a Little Brown Bat (in our bedroom).

DSCN1435-Phoebe4. Watching an Eastern Phoebe couple raise their chicks right outside our back door.

Our New Baby Boy5. And enjoying our new puppy (who still is not sleeping through the night)!

Not to mention the weeding, planting, spring cleaning, etc.  No wonder we’re tired!

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4 Responses to “What We’ve Been Up To”

  1. melissa Says:

    omg Batty!! EEEEE! I love bats.

  2. Gramma Greenjeans Says:

    You know, I do too (now). He was such a cool guy (and we did name him Batty). He’s now flying free and hopefully eating lots of mosquitoes!

  3. Cortney Says:

    300 seeds? OMG, yes you have been busy.
    A bat? Ick.
    We had a robin raise her babies right out our front door on the gutter down spout.
    The puppy is so cute!! He is too cute to be mad at him for not sleeping. Is he in a kennel at night?

  4. Gramma Greenjeans Says:

    Hey, Cortney!
    I thought the same thing about Batty (as in “Bill, come here NOW and get this THING out of the house”). But the more you get to know them and learn about them, they are really cool creatures and are now endangered in our neck of the woods from white nose syndrome.

    And, no, the puppy has free roam of (most) of the downstairs at night. His “accidents” are getting few and far between, so we’re happy!