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 Sweet Heat

It’s been a busy and bountiful summer.  I’ve canned the usual – pickles, beets, salsa, tomatoes, etc. but nothing new or interesting until now.
Thanks to some inspiration from my niece (amongst the empty canning jars she returned was one with a peach salsa label on it – and a note “This was really good!”  Hint, [...]

 Can Jam-March (Alliums)

The Can Jam ingredient for March was Alliums (onions, garlic, leeks, and such).  Another tough choice.  What could I possibly make?
For some reason, I started thinking about the local hot dog stand we used to go to when I was a kid and the onion relish they served.  I found a recipe that sounded pretty [...]

 Can Jam-February

I shoulda known goats would pick something like…
Carrots for the February Can Jam ingredient.
I promised BarBBQ Bill that I would not stray (too far) from our personal canning resolution of “If we won’t eat it, we’re not going to waste the ingredients or the time to put it up.”
The majority of carrot recipes I found [...]

 Putting Up-Pecans

We received a lovely surprise the other day.
A huge box of fresh pecans in the shell from our wonderful friends in Texas.
Trying to figure out how we could use them up before they went bad, we discovered that pecans freeze very well in the shell – up to four years!
These are ready for the freezer [...]

 Cooking-A Marmalade Surplus

After making more marmalade for the January Can Jam and finding some jars from last year in the pantry, I’ve devised some ways to use it up in other recipes.  I don’t eat much jam on toast and BarBBQ Bill doesn’t care for it at all “straight”.
Make a dipping sauce for egg rolls or a [...]