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 Homemade Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage

Thanks to St. Patrick’s Day, large fresh heads of cabbage are plentiful and very inexpensive.  That calls for a big batch of Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage!
Since both BarBBQ Bill and I are Hungarian, we grew up eating “Töltött Káposzta”.  This is one of our main “comfort foods”.
Here’s the ingredients:
1 head green cabbage (large)
2-3 lbs. meatloaf mix [...]

 Putting Up-Pecans

We received a lovely surprise the other day.
A huge box of fresh pecans in the shell from our wonderful friends in Texas.
Trying to figure out how we could use them up before they went bad, we discovered that pecans freeze very well in the shell – up to four years!
These are ready for the freezer [...]

 Cooking-Venison Sauerbraten

It’s cold.  I want comfort food.
In this house, comfort food doesn’t have to be pretty.  This isn’t.  But it does have to be warm, stick-to-your-ribs style delicious.  Sauerbraten fits that description.
Sauerbraten is definitely not a last-minute meal.  The meat has to marinate at least 2 or 3 days (mine went almost a week with no [...]

 Cooking-Venison Tenderloins

Our favorite way to cook our venison tenderloin filets is to crust them with pepper, sear and serve with a tart, fruity sauce.
First, mellow out the pepper.  Put some olive oil in a small heavy saute pan and add coarsely ground black peppercorns (or smashed with a hammer if you don’t have a grinder – [...]