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 Cooking-Venison Sauerbraten

It’s cold.  I want comfort food.
In this house, comfort food doesn’t have to be pretty.  This isn’t.  But it does have to be warm, stick-to-your-ribs style delicious.  Sauerbraten fits that description.
Sauerbraten is definitely not a last-minute meal.  The meat has to marinate at least 2 or 3 days (mine went almost a week with no [...]

 Cooking-Venison Tenderloins

Our favorite way to cook our venison tenderloin filets is to crust them with pepper, sear and serve with a tart, fruity sauce.
First, mellow out the pepper.  Put some olive oil in a small heavy saute pan and add coarsely ground black peppercorns (or smashed with a hammer if you don’t have a grinder – [...]

 Putting Up-Venison Tenderloins

‘Tis the season…for venison.
For those who think venison is icky or gamy, it’s probably because:
A. It’s meat from an old buck in the middle of the rut (you know, the ones with the big trophy-sized rack on their head), or
B.  It wasn’t field dressed properly, or
C.  It wasn’t cooked properly.
In our opinion, venison is some [...]