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 What We’ve Been Up To

Yes, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted anything.  We’ve been busy:
1. Starting a new business.
2. Raising over 300 plants from seed for the garden (in our tiny little kitchen).
3. Successfully rehabilitating a Little Brown Bat (in our bedroom).
4. Watching an Eastern Phoebe couple raise their chicks right outside our back door.
5. And enjoying [...]

 This Is For The Birds

Homemade suet, that is.  Another “Found in the Freezer” recipe – while organizing it, I discovered a bag of venison fat from last year.
Melt the fat (you can use beef suet or lard or shortening, but mine was free) in a saucepan over low heat.  When it’s melted, stir in a roughly equal amount of [...]

 Rosemary-Growing It and Cooking with It

My rosemary plant in the herb garden did not survive last winter (I try every year, but mine never make it), so this spring I went to buy a replacement.  We only have two local nurseries that sell plants, and no one had any rosemary.  It can be difficult to start from seed and would [...]

 The Great Garlic Experiment – Year 2

It was a lovely fall day today, and it’s time to plant next year’s garlic crop.  We saved some garlic heads from this year’s crop and I’m anxious to see how well they dried and cured.
First, I have to scrape off the straw mulch and do a bit of weeding.
I like to layout the planting [...]

 Picked 537.6 Cubic Inches Of Peppers

Doesn’t quite roll off your tongue like picking a “peck” of peppers, does it? But that’s officially what a “peck” is.This year we grew Gypsy (sweet), Anaheim (mildly spicy), Salsa Delight (spicy) and TAM jalapenos (not as hot as regular jalapenos, ’cause we’re pepper wimps).
Last year, we roasted and canned a lot of our hot [...]