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 The Great Garlic Experiment – Year 2

It was a lovely fall day today, and it’s time to plant next year’s garlic crop.  We saved some garlic heads from this year’s crop and I’m anxious to see how well they dried and cured.
First, I have to scrape off the straw mulch and do a bit of weeding.
I like to layout the planting [...]

 Putting Up-Elderberries (Part 1)

I love elderberries.  They are a native plant to this area, but I haven’t seen any wild ones around for years.  So I decided to plant some bushes about four years ago.
They bloom in June.  If you’re searching for them in the wild, this is a good time to look for them, as the huge [...]

 If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

We are overrun with these things.

An Asian invader, Rubus phoenicolasius (commonly known around here as wineberries) annually threatens to take over our 1 acre universe.  The problem:  They taste really good.  To birds and animals and insects and…us.
I do my part in trying to stop the spread of this noxious weed by picking them.  Wouldn’t [...]

 Stop and Smell the Flowers

Every morning, BBQ Bill and I grab our coffee cups and a camera, and walk up the hill to see what’s new in the garden.  This morning, there was a subtle difference in the air.  Amazing what two days of sunshine can produce.

My calamondin orange tree is full of open blossoms.

The Bearrs (or Persian) Lime [...]