Homemade Dog Biscuits

Adding a puppy to the household has certainly upped the pet food bill. After reading the ingredients on some commercial dog biscuits and seeing the price tag on some of the better quality ones, I decided to make my own.
Thanks to two nice folks on the Labrador Retriever Chat Board, I found two recipes [...]

 Cooking-A Marmalade Surplus

After making more marmalade for the January Can Jam and finding some jars from last year in the pantry, I’ve devised some ways to use it up in other recipes.  I don’t eat much jam on toast and BarBBQ Bill doesn’t care for it at all “straight”.
Make a dipping sauce for egg rolls or a [...]

 Cooking-Cherry Cinnamon Bread

BarBBQ Bill requested cinnamon raisin bread.
Well, OK…but I don’t buy raisins because he says he doesn’t like them.  Now he wants them in his bread.  Go figure.
But I do have these.  Dried Balaton cherries from Cherry Republic (they claim they are the world headquarters for all things cherry, and I’m not going to argue).
Now I [...]

 Homemade Peach Cobbler

I need a break from cranberries and apples and cinnamon and chocolate and peppermint and winter/Christmas baking smells.
I need a smell and taste of summer.  I need to celebrate that the days are now going to get longer and the growing season will be here again before I know it.
I was down in the Little [...]

 Plastic or Paper?

Not these.


I always wonder which type of egg carton is more environmentally friendly, so I decided to do a little research:

I can compost or recycle the paper ones.  The polystyrene foam ones are not recyclable here in Podunk Junction – they have to be thrown in the trash.

One vote for paper.

According to Eggland’s Best, it [...]