Homemade Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage

Thanks to St. Patrick’s Day, large fresh heads of cabbage are plentiful and very inexpensive.  That calls for a big batch of Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage!
Since both BarBBQ Bill and I are Hungarian, we grew up eating “Töltött Káposzta”.  This is one of our main “comfort foods”.
Here’s the ingredients:
1 head green cabbage (large)
2-3 lbs. meatloaf mix [...]

 Homemade Hungarian Kielbasa (Kolbász)

We used to buy our kolbász from a local butcher shop, but they seem to have changed their recipe.  We don’t care for it as much, so we decided to try making our own.  I refuse to buy mass-produced pre-packaged kielbasa – I really don’t like eating food that contains ingredients I can’t pronounce or [...]