Homemade Dog Biscuits

Adding a puppy to the household has certainly upped the pet food bill. After reading the ingredients on some commercial dog biscuits and seeing the price tag on some of the better quality ones, I decided to make my own.
Thanks to two nice folks on the Labrador Retriever Chat Board, I found two recipes [...]

 Can Jam-February

I shoulda known goats would pick something like…
Carrots for the February Can Jam ingredient.
I promised BarBBQ Bill that I would not stray (too far) from our personal canning resolution of “If we won’t eat it, we’re not going to waste the ingredients or the time to put it up.”
The majority of carrot recipes I found [...]

 Putting Up-Pecans

We received a lovely surprise the other day.
A huge box of fresh pecans in the shell from our wonderful friends in Texas.
Trying to figure out how we could use them up before they went bad, we discovered that pecans freeze very well in the shell – up to four years!
These are ready for the freezer [...]

 Adventures with Sourdough-Rye Bread

BarBBQ Bill decided he wanted rye bread.  He was making borscht (beet soup) and a fresh loaf of rye bread to go with it just seemed the right thing to do.
He didn’t want just any old rye bread.  He wanted sourdough rye.
I’m gonna take a whack at it (even though I have no clue how [...]

 Cranberry Chutney Revisited

A couple of weeks ago, I made a batch of cranberry chutney, which we thoroughly enjoyed with our Thanksgiving turkey.  The other night, BarBBQ Bill was eating some on his grilled pork chop and got “That Look” in his eye.  “Hey, Hon, I really like this, but could you make some that’s not so “desserty”?
Translation [...]